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The Thinking Skills Assessment

The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) is a university entrance test, used by the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and University College London as part of the admissions process for various courses. The TSA tests used by Cambridge and Oxford are slightly different.

Content Summary

Note that Part 1 (Aptitude and Skills) is applicable to the University Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and University College London; Part 2 is only applicable to the University of Oxford:

  • Part 1 - Aptitude and Skills

    The TSA comprises 50 multiple choice questions, testing candidates' critical thinking and ability to solve problems, over a 90 minute period.

  • Part 2 - Writing Task

    Candidates review 3 essay questions and write 1 essay in response to 1 question within a 30 minute period. N.B. Part 2 is only applicable to the University of Oxford TSA examination. Analytical and communication skills, as well as a candidate's ability to reason logically and to construct an essay are examined.


The TSA is held at assessment centres across the country, usually at a candidate's respective school or college, or at an assessment centre.

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Universities requiring TSA

  • University of Oxford

    • Economics and Management and
    • Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • University of Cambridge The TSA is currently used by 27 of the 29 colleges for

    • Computer Science,
    • Economics,
    • Engineering,
    • Land Economy,
    • Natural Sciences, and
    • Social and Political Sciences
  • University College London

    • European Social and Political Studies