We can help you get into Oxbridge.

Sucedo teaches committed Oxbridge applicants skills that maximise their chances of a place at Oxford or Cambridge.

Oxbridge Preparation

Our Oxbridge packages help you demonstrate to your prospective Oxbridge tutors the skills examined throughout the interview process.

Sucedo has a wide network of coaches, who are past or present Oxbridge students. You will benefit from their Oxbridge experience; they can teach you the skills you need, answer your questions about Oxbridge, and are often familiar with the tutors who will interview you. We can advise you on your course, your college, interview questions and styles, and pre-interview preparation and reading.

Oxbridge Preparation Packages

Q&A Session Free

In this free session, we will answer any questions you have about Oxbridge interviews.

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Mock Interviews £200

You get 2 x 45 min mock interviews with a coach who read or is reading the subject you are applying for.

  • 2 x 45 min mock interviews

Skills £320

You will learn the skills and get the familiarity you need to make the most of your Oxbridge interviews.

4 x 45 min tutorials:

  • 1 x interview skills tutorial
  • 1 x subject-specific tutorial
  • 1 x mock interview
  • 1 x topic of your choice

Meet & Greet £950

We will handle the logistics before your interview and be available to support you so you can relax and focus on your interviews.

We will:

  • Meet you at the airport
  • Accompany you to your college
  • Be available 24/7 to support you
  • Give you a mock interview