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8 Tips for Oxbridge Interviews

  1. Review your potential tutors' area(s) of expertise, in advance of interview; knowledge of, and interest in, those are key to showing dedication.
  2. Read your application in detail. Ask your teachers, friends, and others what key points leap out for questioning.
  3. Pick 3 key reasons for why you chose the course and college and ensure you can explain these well.
  4. Know, in detail, the how the Oxbridge course differs from those of competing universities.
  5. Be clear on the key areas and subject options that interest you academically about the Oxbridge course (but be open to alternatives).
  6. Speak to current or recent students at your chosen college, course and university, to help determine key areas to focus on.
  7. If possible, visit the college and faculty in advance to become familiar and relaxed in this environment; at least arrive at interview with enough time to relax and prepare.
  8. Practice as many real time, full-length interviews as you can. These can be with friends, acquaintances, teachers, or a coaching service like Sucedo.