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Sucedo Client Case Study - Jo

There is no such thing as the typical Sucedo client; we coach many Oxbridge applicants of varying ages, nationalities, views, means, and genders. The Sucedo telephone conferencing system means that clients are located all over the world. This is representative of the multicultural nature of Oxbridge. Here is, for instance, a case study of a Sucedo client:

Meet Jo

Meet Jo, a 19 year-old from a large city in Asia. Jo is from a family of modest means, she attends a state school and is politically very liberal. English is not Jo's mother tongue. Jo feels intimidated about applying to Oxbridge; she feels that she would not fit in, by virtue of her background. Like so many students prior to Sucedo Oxbridge coaching, Jo regards Oxbridge as unobtainable and, worse still, inappropriate. Ironically, as is often the case, Jo's qualifications are perfectly adequate.

After some introductory Oxbridge confidence-building coaching, Jo's coach establishes what her goals and aspirations are. Jo has a particular interest, and strength in, History and English Literature. She would prefer to attend an established, but liberal, Oxbridge college - probably with a central, lively location near to her faculty. Jo really wants to be in an academic, but politically progressive, environment. An active Junior Common Room is important to her. Jo would like to have a number of students reading her discipline around her in college, to act as a support network. She has a particular interest in music and potentially wants to join a college band. College sporting facilities are less of a concern to her. Jo is concerned, in particular, about her finances, and about the cost of college accommodation. Good transport links to London (where Jo has distant family) would be a benefit.

Sucedo Recommendations

What Course? We recommended BA (Hons) English or the combined BA (Hons) History and English for Jo.

What University? We recommended Oxford University.

What College? We recommended Wadham College.


In terms of the course, it was suggested that Jo should consider either English or History and English. Through intensive coaching, it was established that despite the slightly tougher entrance statistics, Jo really liked the BA (Hons) History and English course at the University of Oxford. Jo spoke to a Sucedo coach who read English at Cambridge as well as another coach who read English at Oxford. The Oxford course appealed in particular. The second year of the Oxford combined honours course stood out when this option was considered; in particular, Jo would relish the opportunity to study two bridge papers and the link between English and History - the historic and socio-economic context behind English literature texts. This is what Jo really wanted to pursue at university.

As is often the case, the course determines the university. Nevertheless the city of Oxford is particularly well suited to Jo; she would relish the slightly more bustling urban environment that Oxford offers, especially if Jo attended a college in the centre of the city. Arguably, Oxford would offer Jo better access to her distant family in London.

In terms of a college, it quickly became clear that she sought a large and established but progressive college, with liberal views like her own, but with an academic environment to challenge her. It was important for Jo to live in college accommodation for all 3 years, if possible.

Wadham College, established around 400 years ago, was suggested. The academic reputation and the number of students achieving 2.1s or higher is reflected by the college's excellent Norrington Table rank (top 10 in 2009). It is nevertheless a particularly progressive and liberal college - it was one of the first to admit women (in 1974). The college is central and located near to the English faculty (and History faculty). Further, with an annual intake of around 12 English students (including joint school candidates), Jo would have a ready-made friendship group of students for support, an important criterion for her.

There is an active Junior Common Room and a lively student social and music scene. Being located centrally, Wadham offers Jo the buzz and a nightlife on her doorstep. In terms of links to London, the college is a 3 minute walk from Oxford's 24/7 "Oxford Tube" coach service to London. The college may well offer Jo a generous range of bursaries, including a living out fund should she be unable to secure college-owned accommodation after her first year. There are also various academic and research grants, as well as generous vacation research grants, which Jo could apply for.


As you will see, there are a myriad of important issues to consider and our coaches will be glad to guide you through them. We will also carefully prepare you for interviews and provide on-the-ground support, helping with any last minute surprises, to give you the best chance possible of gaining a place at Oxbridge.

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