We can help you get into Oxbridge.

Sucedo teaches committed Oxbridge applicants skills that maximise their chances of a place at Oxford or Cambridge.


This package will teach you the key skills required for your Oxbridge application. We will tailor coaching to suit you; from the preparation of your application to the day of your last interview, Sucedo will provide support and advice. Key areas of focus can include your application, supplementary materials, advice on the application process, the course, key reading material as well as subject-focussed mock interviews, college and course coaching, and entrance testing coaching.

You can get better at interviewing by practising, but you can also get worse. The Sucedo Oxbridge Application Skills package will teach you how to best convince your interviewers of your ability. We will evaluate and develop your technique and work through key methods to engage and answer both easy and challenging Oxbridge interview questions.

You will be provided with a dedicated Sucedo assistant who will ensure that you get the most suitable Sucedo coaches, based on your college and subject choices. James will also check that you are happy with the progress you are making.

This package includes 4 x 45 minute tutorials:

For an example of what your sessions will be like, check out our skills package example.

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