We can help you get into Oxbridge.

Sucedo teaches committed Oxbridge applicants skills that maximise their chances of a place at Oxford or Cambridge.


Meet Mike, an 18 year old Oxford applicant, who opted for the Oxbridge Skills Package. Let us explain, in detail, his Sucedo experience.

Tutorial 1 - Oxbridge Entrance Coaching Session

Qualification Reviews: Mike's coach first reviews Mike's application, advising on key areas of focus based on Mike's qualifications, as well as Mike's chances of obtaining an interview and the key inferences that Oxbridge tutors will draw.

Application Audit: Mike's coach reviews and audits Mike's CV, personal statement and UCAS application, to give Mike the best chance of success. This includes discussing the most likely 'hooks' that interviewers will discuss with Mike.

Course Overview: Why does Mike like his chosen subject, his chosen course and his chosen college? Awkward and detailed questioning establishes key gaps in Mike's research on all 3.

Homework: Mike is to prepare rough answers to the 5 points from his application a tutor is most likely to ask about and Mike is to prepare answers to questions on his course and subject that his coach gave him.

An insider's view of...

The Interview Process: An insider's overview of the Oxbridge interview process.

The Course: Contemporary academic debates, key texts for Mike to read, key contemporary academics and particular areas of research to be particularly be aware of.

Tutors: The people most likely to interview him, key questions, comments and reputations and what Mike should focus on in advance of his next Sucedo session.

His college: Its reputation, key points to mention or be aware of and high level comments from students reading Mike's course there.

Tutorial 2 - Oxbridge Subject-Specific Tutorial

Reading List Support: Mike is given a detailed list of key subject and course-specific texts to read, focussed on the work of contemporary academics.

Mini Mock Interview: Why does Mike want to do his chosen course, at his chosen college? A Mini Mock Interview evaluates how Mike will cope under pressure and scrutiny. Mike is provided with detailed advice on how to approach specific questions.

Course Comparison: Mike's coach plays devil's advocate to help Mike understand and argue how the Oxford course is taught compared to Cambridge and other universities, to which Mike has applied. Typical interview questions highlight how Mike and his coach can better prepare Mike's answers on the course specifically.

College Coaching: What college does Mike want to go to? The strenuousness of application ratios, Mike's appetite for being at a large or small college, his preferences in terms of sport, arts, clubs, hobbies, political views, and desired location are all considered in terms of how Mike can argue a strong case in his interview for his chosen college.

Interview Techniques: Mike learns about subject-specific interview styles and questions in detail. What this covers depends on course, but it could be things like the flaws of "easy" questions, constructing a quick mental formula for "difficult" questions, how to handle one solitary nice interviewer, how to deal with a good cop bad cop interview, key dos and don'ts, how to argue politely and articulate under pressure, and what questions to ask.


Tutorial 3 - Mock Interview and Feedback

Mock Interview: Mike is given a mock interview covering:

Feedback: Mike is given detailed feedback of strengths and areas for development.

Assessment Materials: Potential and likely interview assessment materials are discussed along with how to address these.

Overview of Oxbridge Admission Process: Mike's tutor elaborates on specific tips for success and the how the process works.


Tutorial 4 - Support On the Day

Mike decides to wait and have his fourth Sucedo session on the day of his first interview.

Mock Interview: Mike's coach works with Mike to evaluate his technique and his approach to key questions. Mike's answers sound rehearsed, a common problem; Mike's coach gives him a couple of questions to reinforce the considered on-the-spot-thinking that was covered in earlier tutorials.

Mike's tutor calms his nerves and addresses all of Mike's final questions. Mike is ready.