We can help you get into Oxbridge.

Sucedo teaches committed Oxbridge applicants skills that maximise their chances of a place at Oxford or Cambridge.

About Us

Sucedo help students realise their academic potential. We teach you how to make the most of your abilities and interests. We're here to see you succeed in the long-term, whatever success means to you. We're not here to give you shortcuts that will make life difficult further down the line.

We work with people who are keen to grow. You don't have to be considered "bright" to work with us, but a willingness to learn is key. We think (and we're backed up by research) that almost anything can be learnt well with the right training and commitment. We're here to help you improve, whatever you, or others, consider your current ability.

Sucedo will guide you -- providing mentorship, contacts, and insight. We draw on a wide network of individuals who have been through what lies ahead of you and their experiences. You'll have personal contact with coaches and we treat all our clients as individuals with different needs and preferences.