We can help you get into Oxbridge.

Sucedo teaches committed Oxbridge applicants skills that maximise their chances of a place at Oxford or Cambridge.

Who are Sucedo looking for?

Sucedo is looking for motivated, friendly, and professional individuals to coach Oxford and Cambridge applicants. Coaches are well rewarded and offered flexible get-paid-as-you-go consulting contracts. We also offer you the opportunity to earn generous performance-driven bonuses.

We think teaching is a rewarding experience in itself, but on top of that you will obtain fantastic work experience for your CV. As you will discover, you will be part of an entrepreneurial network, giving you useful support from interesting peers both on campus and beyond. You may find (over the longer term) that the value of the Sucedo network proves even more useful than our generous remuneration.

What will I be teaching?

Sucedo covers all areas of the Oxbridge application process and you should be willing to help your applicants with a variety of questions. Sucedo will of course guide and support you in keeping the high standards that we expect from our coaches. We trust our coaches and give you significant freedom; though of course, we expect you to share your learnings with us and your fellow coaches. Key topics that you might cover include, amongst others, interviews, college choices, course choices, and personal statements.

If you are interested in becoming a Sucedo Coach, or can recommend someone that you feel is suitable for the role, please email us at recruitment@sucedo.com.